OHBM 2024 Sustainability award

OHBM 2024 Sustainability award

We are thrilled to announce that, through our SIG efforts, The Organization for Human Brain Mapping has established the Sustainability Award in recognition of an individual or team’s impactful efforts in adopting sustainable, environmentally friendly practices in their research activities, and raising the consciousness within the OHBM community on the environmental issues.

Award Criteria

  1. An OHBM member that demonstrates efforts to develop and implement practices for reducing the environmental impact of their work in one or more of the following areas:
    Meetings & Travel, Imaging & Computing, or Education & Outreach.


  1. A Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  2. Brief statement of less than 500 words articulating the nominee’s environmental friendly research practices.
  3. Completing the OHBM Sustainability Award Criteria survey.

Submit Nomination

  1. Complete the OHBM’s Sustainability Award Criteria survey.
  2. Submit your nomination here.

Questions? Please direct them to the OHBM Executive Office at info@humanbrainmapping.org.


Nominate here: