Chair: Peer Herholz

Individuals and organisations need clear and accurate information about environmental issues for planning and changing behaviours. The purpose of this working group is to develop educational resources for the neuroimaging community and related organisations to effectively communicate the information that they need.

Topics to be worked on include:

  • Using psychological data on how humans respond to communications about climate change and environmental issues to optimally guide the group’s own activities
  • Communicating with external industry partners and institutions to advocate for reducing environmental impacts of hardware and computing infrastructure
  • Liaising with sister neuroscience societies, such as ‘SfN Climate Crisis’, to strengthen ties and share resources
  • Showcasing the work of the Annual Meeting and Neuroimaging Research Pipelines Working Groups through different media
  • Collaborating with the Annual Meeting Working Group to develop educational activities for the annual meeting (symposia, socials, special events)
  • Collaborating with the Neuroimaging Research Pipelines Working Group to raise the profile of sustainable neuroimaging best practise

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