Neuroimaging research pipelines group

Neuroimaging research pipelines group

Chair: Raghavendra Salvan

Neuroimaging research can involve complex and often resource-intensive pipelines to go from data acquisition to the generation of results. The purpose of this group is to better understand the environmental costs of these research pipelines and develop tools to help reduce these costs.

Topics to be worked on include:

  • Assessing the environmental impact of neuroimaging research pipelines, from hardware and data acquisition to analysis and publication
  • Investigate how these impacts can be minimised and the routes to sustainable neuroimaging research
  • Provide resources for neuroimagers to calculate the environmental impacts of their research
  • Develop research pipelines that have a reduced environmental impact
  • Generate reports and publications outlining sustainable neuroimaging best practise
  • Collaborate with the Education & Outreach Working Group, and the new OHBM Best Practises Committee, on raising the profile of sustainable neuroimaging best practise


Tools generated by our group

We have developed tools to help track the carbon footprint of your preprocessing pipeline.

To access our toolboxes, click here.