Upcoming SIG elections

Upcoming SIG elections

We are moving into our third year and are looking for people to take key roles on the SIG organising committee. 

Getting involved is a great way to make a major difference within the OHBM community and to the world we share. 

Three positions are open for nominations:

  • Chair elect
  • Secretary elect
  • Treasurer elect

You are welcome to nominate yourself and prior experience within the SIG is not necessary!

Eligibility criteria for candidates are:

  • Current member of OHBM (student members included)
  • Where you have previously held a position on the Committee, at least one year must have passed since the end of your term 
  • Be in good standing with the SIG, as determined by the acting SIG officers. Examples of reasons whereby a candidate may be deemed to be in poor standing are if they have been found to have violated the code of conduct on one or more occasions at SIG or OHBM-related events, or if they have an explicit conflict of interest. 

Each of these positions is for a three-year period. The first year is a training period, followed by a year in the main position, and finally a year in an advisory capacity. 

The nomination period is between the 1st and the 21st of August 2022. Nominations can be made by email to ohbm.sea.sig@gmail.com. Please include a short statement of about 200 words covering why you are applying for the role, and why you would make an effective member of the Committee.

We welcome any inquiries to ohbm.sea.sig@gmail.com too! The current Chair, Secretary, or Treasurer will be very happy to chat with you about what the role involves.

Early career researchers, people from under-represented groups, and people outside Europe and North America are encouraged to apply.

Join us and help green human brain mapping!